Corrosion Engineers, Refractory Materials, Acid Proof Lining, Epoxy Lining, FRP Lining, Tile Lining, Thane, India

RAVI REFRACTORIES PVT LTD Offering the most complete line of Acid / Alkali Proof Materials and lining systems. which saves your prestigious and expensive industrial statures like effluent treatment plants, reaction and storage tanks, chemical processing floors, drainage systems, neutralizing tanks, acid storage tanks and yards, waste water collecting tanks, plant and machinery foundations, pits, etc. from Corrosion.
Our High Quality garded acid proof cements and lining systems are used to solve corrosion problems among the industrial and chemical base projects.

* Aircrafts * Breweries * Bottling * Chemicals * Dairies * Dyes * Dyes and Intermediates * Explosives * Electroplating Shops * Fertilizers * Galvanizing Shops * Corn Products * Motor Vehicles * Metal Refinery * Pharmaceuticals * Pperto - Fibre Plants * Ship - Yards * Storage - Battery Plants * Synthetic Fibre Plants * Sugar Plants * Steel Tube Works * Solvent Extraction Plants * Textile Plants * Zinc Smelters, etc......
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